Monday, April 18, 2011

take a break

we will be back after 8th May 20111. stay tune. lots of new stuff are coming. and satin too :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

batwing tops!

hey girls! don't you know that batwing tops are sooo innn right now? here we present you, batwing tops comes in 3 colours! black, white and pink. btw, this batwing top has a lil' fish tail cutting. cute isn't it? fit size S-L. 

RM45 RM35 including Pos Express! 
click to view
BLACK: SOLD (kakdot)
WHITE: SOLD  (sharifah najlaa)
PINK: SOLD (nisa affandi)

limited vintage belts.

we are now release brand new limited vintage belts. they are my super favourite items! as you can see, the buckle are solid, and very adorable. grab it now and be pretty! i entertain SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. 

RM25 RM 20 ONLY! including Pos Express! 

sample on mannequin.

batch 3. maxi jersey skirt.

RESTOCK maxi jersey skirt ! SOLD OUT!

maxi jersey skirt has been restock:
grey color: RM35 -  SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
black color: RM33 - SOLD  SOLD