Monday, January 31, 2011

maxi skirt.

new stock for maxi cotton jersey skirt. we have the hard-to-find colour which is grey. 
all the maxi skirts are freesize.
click the image for a better view.

super maxi jersey skirt.


dark brown : RM33 SOLD
black: RM33 SOLD , SOLD

-to book or any inquiries, please email us at thankyou.


ema said...

hi dear.
for the grey skirt, is it still available?
if it does can u email me back at this address : or you can leave a message at my tumblr ask section.
thank you.

needles work said...

ema: okay i dh respond :D

Anonymous said...

warne hitam blh order lg k if dah sold?

intan said...

blh order lg x skirt hitam ni even dah sold out?

needles work said...

boleh-boleh :)

farisha said...

munie, letak watermark next time. i found org jual item yg sama tp using ur picture!

needless work said...

aaaaa, thx my dear. thx sgt for your info. okay, lepas ni letak watermark :)