Thursday, December 24, 2009


okay it seems like we had finished our sem break.
isnin ni class dah start. ahad ni dah balik U.
semua orang pon dah start busy right.
so, we got to stop producing new bags.
sebab next sem ni nak cecah dekan.
HAHA. ok stop. bye.

btw, we want to thanks to all buyers that gave fully support to our bags.
new sem break, new bags will upload. dont worry.
love you guys. bye


Monday, December 7, 2009

elmo okay

hye beb.
here we go,
with the new new bag
its 'elmo' mann.

yesss of course its elmo.
who says we just can find elmo on the shirt?
nowadays its on a bag tau.

elmo bag-rm25 including postage

loser gila siapa yang cakap elmo tak 'lawa'.



Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

meet monster love bag

hye... beb..
okay dah penat sebenarnya.

tapi takpe.
okay last but not least for today,
the monster love bag

see, she is begging for the new owner,
pity her.
who knows, one day she can be your bestfriend?
might be okay.

monster love bag-rm25 including postage

i jamin, siape yang buy this bag, sumpah bergaya gila.
okay banyak sangat jeles.

your flip flops bag

hye beb,
i present to you the new flip flops bag.

"come and get me! then try me on the beach!"
ohhh, sumpah major cool okay.
bag ini sangat santai and you must have one.
siap ada 6 buttons atas flip flops tu.
memang cool.

flip flops bag-rm22 including postage.
grab it fast.

my yellow ladybugs

hye lagi, :)
okay sebab i rase ladybugs tu 'macam' cute.
ive made another one which is,
yellow ladybugs bag.

all the bugs promise to be your new new yellow if you be their owner.
trust me

as usuall, rm22 including the postage okay beb.
serious i jeles dengan owner-owner baru bag ladybugs i ni.
sebab cute.


my orange ladybugs

hye beb.
macam yang i dah janjikan.
i upload new bags.

okay, this bag named orange ladybugs.
nak tahu kenapa?
because it is orange in color lah weh.

see, all the ladybugs are screaming for help!
apa lagi, tolong lah ladybugs tu.

as usuall, the prices are already including the postage.
i guna post laju. esok dah boleh sampai.

soo, what are you waiting for, grab it now and you will be the cutest girl ever!

size of the square bags

hye beb.
we had make some changes to our bags,
the name is square bags sebab as you all can see,
the bottom of the bag is 'square'.
so, tidak payah pening-pening.
i just want to show the size.

the bag is totally larger than a4 size.
not too large and not too small for you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


we will update our new bags soon.
so please be patient
(sabar tu half dari iman yaww)
we have a little change to our bags.