Saturday, March 19, 2011

vintage bags.

calling all vintage lovers! i let go some quality items. those bags were rarely use and still in good condition. i promise you. btw, i love this bags. but, i have too many bags. so i share some of my collections which is very-very classics. SOLD OUT.

RM25 - Paris SOLD
RM25 - Italy SOLD
view from front and side.

just send me your details at
first come first serve girls. happy shopping!

hp numb:


missxuroxy said...

i nak order yg paris. hw much include postage?

needless work said...

okay, boleh. RM30 including postage. just send me your details. or you hp numb, senang nak comunicate:)

Zakiah Asmie said...

ada lagi tak stock untuk italy tu?

Zakiah Asmie said...

ada lagi tak stock untuk beg italy tu? :)

needless work said...

alaaa, sorry zakiah, dah sold.

Pyka Rahmat said...

ya Allah yang italy punya ni buat sakit hati je tgk sbb sold. jap ada tak measurement for that bag?